The Xbox 360 red ring of death refers to one of the commonest errors in Microsoft’s game console, the Xbox 360.

It is not hard to identify the Xbox 360 red ring of death. You know that your Xbox 360 game console is faced with red ring of death when you notice, upon switching it on three flashing red lights around its power button (the button with which you switch on your game console),followed by the inevitable inability of the console to function. In normal circumstances, it is three or four green lights that should be flashing at this point, and if your Xbox 360 is flashing red lights, three of them – then you know for sure that it could be faced with the Xbox 360 red ring of death; which is known to make Xbox 360 game consoles completely unusable.

The underlying cause of the Xbox 360 red ring of death is still subject of speculation, but knowledgeable sources say that it is likely to be attributable to the console’s graphics card. With regard to the Xbox’s graphics card, it is further speculated that the underlying cause of the problem could be the way the joints on the chip are soldered.

It is also the Xbox 360 red ring of death that is also officially referred to as the general hardware failure; so that the official ‘report’ you are likely to get from your Xbox console when it suffers from the ring of death is that it is facing a ‘general hardware failure.’

Thankfully, as long as it less than three years since your purchased your Xbox game console from an authorized dealer, it will be covered by a manufacturer (Microsoft) warranty, meaning that within that timeframe, if you can take your trouble to take your Xbox 360 back to the vendor who sold it to you, you can get it repaired for free. And while the Xbox 360 error known as the red ring of death was a rather common error in the early days of the Xbox 360, this has changed in recent days as Microsoft has worked hard to improve the Xbox 360’s reliability.

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