Now you can study the PS4 interface in minute detail

PS4 news feed, feeding you all the news

We may still be in the dark about what the PS4 console looks like, but at least now we know what it’ll look like onscreen as a series of UI screenshots land online.

Confirmed by Sony as real, the screens show off a number of things including an achievements screen, news feed and a couple of shots of a phone and tablet streaming live.

Of particular interest is the Share screen, which shows the options you’ll get when you hit Share on the DualShock 4 controller.

ps4 interface UI
Share and share alike

If you choose to broadcast video of what you’re playing, others will be able to watch and comment as you play, as shown in the grab below with realistically terrible grammar.

ps4 ui
Here’s where you get to show off your achievements


ps4 ui

We saw a few of these screens during Sony’s big PS4 launch in February, but at least now we’re free to pore over them in more detail – and for everything else we know about the PS4 so far, head on over to our handy round-up page.

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