SONY Playstation 4 Repairs

We repair a variety of Playstation 4 faults. There are many issues with this console from not accepting discs to not turning on.
Here are the current prices for the common repairs we carry out.

Drive loading / Ejecting Issues (This also covers items being inserted into the slot loading drive like too many discs) – £35-£50

Loud/Fast fan/Over heating – £45
Loud/Fast fan/Over heating (PS4 PRO) – £55

DVD/Game not reading, which require lens replacement – £70

White Light/starting in safe mode – £35-£80

Not turning on – £35 – £80

Flashing blue light then system powers down (same as the YLOD issue for the Playstation 3) –
Reflow £70
Reball £80

Hard Drive replacement and upgrade
500Gb – £80
1Tb – £90

HDMI port replacement £65
HDMI Decoder replacement £65-£85 dependent on model

For other faults, please contact us

Please note. No fix no fee does not apply to the PS4, There will be a £20 charge if not repairable

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