Xbox X Series Repairs

We repair a variety of Xbox One faults. There are many issues with this console from not accepting discs to not turning on.
Here are the current prices for the common repairs we carry out.

Drive loading / Ejecting Issues (This also covers items being inserted into the slot loading drive like too many discs) – £40-£90

Loud/Fast fan – £45
Loud/Fast fan (Xbox One X) – £55

DVD/Game not reading (Laser lens replacement) – £65

Stuck on the Xbox logo at start up and other boot issues – £35-£90

Hard Drive replacement – £85 (500GB) £90 (1Tb)

HDMI port replacement £65

HDMI port replacement Xbox One X £75

HDMI Decoder/Retimer replacement £75

HDMI Decoder/Retimer replacement Xbox One X £95

Not powering up – £50-£80

Also we can upgrade the hard drive to give you more storage space.

Please note. No fix no fee does not apply to the Xbox One, There will be a £20 charge if not repairable


For other faults, please contact us

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