This is NOT for updating your JTAG/RGH dashboard/kernel, this is for installing Avatar/Kinect data ONLY. To change the dashboard/kernel version of your JTAG/RGH console, you build a new image with J-Runner or similar.

Before you proceed, ensure you have an internal hard drive connected with enough space for the update (I think somewhere around 128MB is required).

Also, ensure that you have DashLaunch installed and configured.

So, you have a JTAG or RGH system, but no Avatars or Kinect?

This small tutorial will help you install them (ensure your Kinect hardware is connected before you begin or you will be prompted to update again once you connect it!).

Step 1
Download the USB system update from here (remember to check that the system update you download matches your JTAG/RGH kernel version – go to System Settings>Console Settings>System Info and read where it says Dashboard: 2.0.XXXXX.0, where X = your console’s current dashboard/kernel version).

Step 2
Extract the
$systemupdate folder from the archive with 7-Zip or similar and rename it to $$ystemUpdate.

Step 3
Transfer the $$ystemUpdate folder (the one you renamed in Step 2) to the root of a FAT32-formatted USB stick (I recommend 512MB+).

Step 4
Connect your USB stick to your console, power it on and accept the update when prompted.


There are different messages shown based on what the system update is going to apply.

If you see this:

NOT accept the update because this is telling you that the system is going to attempt a complete update which alters bootloaders and it will also burn eFUSEs.

If you see this:

You’re fine to proceed with the update.

This is the system telling you that additional components are missing.

The console will reboot Once the update has installed successfully and you should now see Avatars and have Kinect installed (don’t forget to configure it!).

If the console doesn’t do anything, ensure that:


  • The update folder is named correctly.
  • The system update you are applying matches the JTAG/RGH dashboard/kernel version your console is currently running (see Step 1).
  • You inserted the USB stick before booting the console (FSD can block the system update).

If, after all this is attempted, the console still won’t update, go into FSD and then into the File Manager, look for a
SysExt: folder and delete what you can (don’t forget to enable File Manager Advanced Mode in General Settings first).

Reboot the console and you’ll be told that there are corrupted files reboot the console to resolve this.

Do this with the USB stick connected and your console should prompt you to accept the update.


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