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The next major update to Minecraft on Xbox 360 arrives this week, says developer 4J. Title Update 9 adds “The End,” climbable vines, beach terrain, new textures, and plenty of fixes.

Oh, and you can fight the EnderDragon and its Endermen.

Check out the lengthy list of everything in TU9 below.

Changes and Additions

  • Added ‘The End’, with new layout, and new Enderdragon behaviour.
  • Added Climbable Vines.
  • Added Fire Charge, Wooden Button, Item Frames, Spawn Eggs, Sandstone Stairs, Spruce Stairs, Birch Stairs, Nether Bricks, Spruce Planks, Birch Planks, Nether Brick Slab, Spruce Slab and Birch Slab.
  • Added new music for The End and The Nether from C418
  • Made buckets and signs stackable.
  • Sheep now re-grow their wool after shearing.
  • New gravel texture.
  • Can now smelt Netherrack into a Nether Brick in a Furnace.
  • Blacksmith buildings in Villages now hold chests with loot of the same type as found in Strongholds.
  • Crafting recipe change – Sign recipe gives three Signs.
  • Crafting recipe change – Half Slab recipes give six Half Slabs.
  • Crafting recipe change – Stone Button now requires one block of stone instead of two.
  • Added smoother color transitions between biomes.
  • Added beaches to terrain generation.
  • Fence Gates can now be opened and closed with Redstone.
  • Changed Nether Fortress to make Nether Wart rooms more likely.
  • Made Nether Wart spawn randomly wherever Soul Sand is generated in the Nether.
  • Nether Wart will now grow in the Overworld.
  • Made Dispenser dispense mobs from Spawn Eggs, rather than the egg itself.
  • Dispenser will dispense lava/water from a Bucket of Lava/Water.
  • Dispenser will shoot Fire Charges.
  • Trapdoors can be placed on half slabs and stairs
  • Allow players to block with a sword when the ‘Can Build And Mine’ option is unchecked by the host.
  • Moved six of the twelve music disc quests in the Tutorial World
  • Changed the Tutorial world to add climbable Vines, and some of the new items, and removed/reduced the items in the Brewing, Farming and Breeding chests.
  • Don’t show the achievements warning when loading a creative map that has already been saved in creative mode.
  • Reduced the volume of the Ghast sound effects.
  • Increased the distance jukeboxes can be heard from.
  • Improved lighting code performance.
  • Improved the loading/saving time.
  • Changed the display order in the Minecraft Store to show newest DLC first.
  • Added How To Play for The End and Farming Animals
  • Added HUD size options for both splitscreen and full screen modes.
  • Added Reset Nether option to force regeneration of The Nether. This is helpful for older saves that didn’t have a Nether Fortress.
  • Added a toggle for Death Messages.
  • Added a toggle to hide or display the animated character in the User Interface.
  • Allow individual splitscreen users to have their own settings for HUD.


  • Fix for a Nether portal crash due to Ghast fireballs
  • Fix for Cave Spider size.
  • Fixed Experience Orb pickup sound not having pitch variance.
  • Fixed a crash when attaching Glowstone to Pistons.
  • Fixed a render update problem on the end of world chunks
  • Fixed a crash with players throwing Enderpearls and leaving the game.
  • Stop the player animation for eating happening in the Change Skin menu


After a record-setting 10 updates in the Public Beta program, and an almost 3-month stretch, Microsoft has today begun rolling out the final official production release of the Fall 2012 Xbox LIVE Update. The final release remains the same version number as the last beta update (meaning there have been no further changes to it), with the dashboard/kernel sitting at 2.0.16197.0. As with many of the previous SystemUpdates, this one is being deployed in a staggered fashion, meaning some subscribers and regions will receive it first, and the rest in waves over the next few days or weeks.

During the course of the program, each of the 10 beta updates were tested with c4eva’s LT+ offline and on Xbox LIVE, as well as with xk3y, so with the final release being the same version, we can happily re-report that they are both working fine with backups. Such being the case, there is no urgent rush for c4eva to analyze the update, though he may still opt to generate a LIVE log for it at some point in the days ahead.

Those attempting to get the update from Microsoft’s official website will find that the downloadable USB version of the SystemUpdate is not yet available for the final version. This is normal practice during a staggered release; the USB update is usually held back until it has first been fully deployed to all regions via Xbox LIVE.

Xbox LIVE’s Director of Programming, Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), posted a concise list of the new features included in the dashboard update, so head over to if you wish to check out what’s all in store. There is also a running list of changes over on the Xbox 360 System Software entry on Wikipedia.

P.S. Just a quick note: c4eva is currently completing some final tweaks to the LT+ v3.0 firmware for Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S and once his own tests have finished, full testing by the team will begin. We know you’re all eager for it, but please be patient! It won’t be much longer now, and we’ll announce on and the commencement of the testing phase as soon as it begins.


Good news for all Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S owners who have been (im)patiently awaiting c4eva’s custom iXtreme LT+ v3.0 firmware for their drives. Team Xecuter announced today the forthcoming availability of a brand new product, the Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Unlocked Replacement PCB. This new unlocked replacement PCB is similar in nature to the v1.0/v1.1 version previously released for the Lite-On DG-16D4S drive model.

In addition to the firmware being encrypted, Vendor Mode is disabled, and the SPI becomes hard-locked upon first run of the firmware on the DG-16D5S, so this replacement PCB allows for the user to overcome this obstacle and have full ability to write stock or custom firmware to the drive.

The Xecuter Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Unlocked Replacement PCB will soon be in full production and will be released in conjunction with c4eva’s iXtreme LT+ v3.0 for Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S which will move into the team testing stage shortly. Details concerning key dumping and the necessary processes and/or hardware will be announced at a later time, but c4eva himself has revealed that it will NOT require RGH.

Source: Team Xecuter


[2012-06-23 05:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> livelog has been completed on 15574, analysing data!
[2012-06-23 06:18AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> livelog: all good on 15574!


In record time, Microsoft has begun rolling out yet anot her SystemUpdate only days after the last one. This new update brings the system to kernel version 2.0.15574.0. It should be noted that some who have received this update had not yet gotten the 15572 update. You know the drill!

(Thanks to TeaJunkie for the tip & photo.)


Users who had gotten 15572 are reporting that they’re being prompted for 15574 as well. So it looks like if you hadn’t yet gotten 15572, you’ll be going straight from 14719 (or lower) to 15574 as of today. It’s safe to assume that based on the tiny increment in version number, this update probably serves to address some minor issues introduced in last week’s update.

Two Tweets from Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) noting that further (official) info about the update is forthcoming:

1:52 PM – 20 Jun 12 “Remember that system update that we rolled out to a few of you last week? We’re rolling it out to everyone else today.”

1:58 PM – 20 Jun 12 “I’ll have a blog post up later today about the Xbox 360 system update you got (or will be getting) today.”


Contrary to the rumors, the update is not reverting any drives to stock (unless you’re updating from a much older kernel [< 13146 on BenQ, Samsung, and phat Lite-On, or < 13599 on Slim Lite-On 9504]).

We’ve also seen some reports of secdata/”X” value being reset and a new “P” value, but nothing confirmed.

Though not overly revealing, Major Nelson posted on his blog some further info about the 15574 update:

What’s in it, you ask? Behind the scenes foundational improvement that will not be visually noticeable, but will help enable an easy update this Fall. There is an area that some of you may notice: We’ve added voice search for Australia and New Zealand.

If you own a Datel controller, read more here about issues after the system update.