This is the basics of why the Xbox 360 fails.

As many people know, The Xbox 360 has many common faults. Most of them could have been avoided if the design of the console was different. Look at the PS3, it is slightly larger than the Xbox 360 but has no external power supply/power brick or external hard drive , everything is built into a similar sized unit but fails far less often.

The main cause’s of the Xbox 360′s demise are down to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) heat sink and the solder. the GPU heat sink is way too small to cope with the heat the GPU produce’s, with the heating and cooling of the GPU combined with the vibration from the DVD drive, the solder that hold’s the GPU to the main PCB eventually fracture’s resulting in a failing Xbox 360. Other thing’s that contribute to this problem are the heatsink compound used to help transfer heat from the GPU to the heatsink and what are know as X-Clamps.

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