This morning, Microsoft has begun rolling out a new SystemUpdate that brings the Xbox 360 dashboard/kernel version to 2.0.16203.0.

Although there has been no official word from Microsoft yet, it’s likely this update addresses a minor issue or small change as evidenced by the single digit increment in version number over the last update.

After updating, LT+ v3.0 and LTU v1.2 continue to work fine with backups both offline and on Xbox LIVE. Xk3y also continues to function without issue on LIVE and offline.

Check back here on c4evaSpeaks.com for official word from c4eva once he’s done a LIVE log for this update.

P.S. Quit being such gullible fools and regurgitating the nonsense from Wikipedia every time an update comes out.

*UPDATE* [2013-02-20 06:29PM UTC]
Whoops. I missed the tweet yesterday from Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), confirming our assumption that it was a minor change:

“Xbox LIVE System update out today. No big changes just an update to default settings that will only be visible to certain users in the EU.”

Also, for those asking in the comments, yes, LT v2.01 and LT+ v2.0 continue to work fine after the update as well.